Bradstone Antique Natural Sandstone Paving Sunset Buff

Bradstone Antique Natural Sandstone Paving Sunset Buff Reviews
With warm sunset hues, this paving can keep your garden feeling like summer all year round. Bradstone’s antique natural sandstone paving has been specially treated to have a more aged and distressed appearance. This was achieved by putting the authentic stone through a series of processes including rumbling and edging to bring out the natural features of the sandstone’s structure and enhance the character of the paving.

This paving is modestly priced for its quality in my opinion, but antique sandstone from Bradstone does tend to have a higher price tag than the regular varieties which haven’t been specially distressed. The sunset buff colour is a blend of many warm hues including oranges, browns and yellows.

Customer Reviews

Bradstone Antique Natural Sandstone Paving Sunset Buff has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5, based on 2 customer reviews.

  1. Nice rough texture on this paving makes it feel old. But the colours look a bit too crisp to fit the antique style, hopefully they’ll weather a bit with age but I think Bradstone should continue the antique texture with some faded or darkened colours. Just my thoughts though, overall happy customer.

  2. Great natural sandstone paving and nice warm hues in the colours. The antique style is supposed to make it look old and a bit rougher but isn’t too noticeable. Gives character to our garden and reasonable priced for natural sandstone paving from Bradstone


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