Bradstone Aged Riven Paving Dark Grey

Bradstone Aged Riven Paving Dark Grey
This paving from Bradstone’s manufactured slab range has a finish described as ‘Aged Riven’, giving it a subtle and convincing surface character. Irregularities inherent in authentic stone paving such as riven profiling, pockmarks and chips have been recreated, but are then partially smoothed to mimic the passing of time and the weathering that would occur naturally. This bestselling paving is available in the dark grey pictured here, as well as Cotswold and York Brown colour variations.

Bradstone Aged Riven slabs are commonly sold in a 450mm by 300mm format which allows for a lot of  different layouts. Brick bond is most popular for a contemporary styled garden, but the fact that both 450mm and 300mm are multiples of 150mm means they can fit together seamlessly in various orientations for more complex patterns.

Customer Reviews

Bradstone Aged Riven Paving Dark Grey has an average rating of 5 out of 5, based on 2 customer reviews.

  1. Very pleasant paving with a bit of character and a modern grey colour.
    We ordered samples of a few slab types but opted for aged riven over the standard riven effect as the latter was a bit too full of character (and felt a bit brash really). Aged has a noticeably smoothed surface which very convincingly feels like it has been worn smooth over time. Feels like old church flagstones a bit. Very happy overall.

  2. Rough but smooth, luxurious but cheap. Haha a lot of (positive) contradictions but some great paving and we’re very happy with the aged riven style. 5 out of 5 for quality and service


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