Bradstone Natural Limestone Paving Blue-Black

Authentic natural stone paving on a budget, this real limestone paving has a dark blue-black colour that isn’t entirely dissimilar to a classic slate. However it comes at a much more affordable price and is in fact limestone is some of Bradstone’s most affordable natural stone paving and comes in a patio pack of mixed slab sizes.

The limestone has a subtle natural texture so as not to become slippery, but is remarkably consistent in both colour and shape, unlike some man-made paving which can become distracting. Note that because this is limestone paving (calcium carbonate), any contact with acidic cleaning substances can dissolve the stone and mark damage the surface.

Customer Reviews

Bradstone Natural Limestone Paving Blue-Black has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5, based on 9 customer reviews.

  1. Just had an extension built with french doors and we wanted to have tiles that went seamlessly from the kitchen out onto the patio. Was recommended limestone for this by the builder and the result was great. However we noticed it started to the dark colour started to fade a bit on the outside. I recall the builder saying something about sealants but foolishly i was only really half listening as it seemed like another one of those added extras and the extension was already getting over budget. Long and short of it is to get it sealed straight away but luckily ours was still salvagable and the colour fade isn’t that noticable.
    Don’t know if I’m allowed to post links in here but this page helped a lot with learning about limestone sealers.

  2. Very good stuff. I do patios for a living and have laid this for a few customers. decided to use it when doing my own house and looks great

  3. as another review said, black limestone does fad, especially if you live near a city as its something to do with acid rain. We used this on our new patio and I liked their idea of using the same stone in our kitchen. might have to copy!

  4. Great limestone paving and nice dark colour for modern garedns. Was advised by builder to seal it and glad I did so as it made it look a lot better and also protects it the stone

  5. Just what we were looking for. Very happy with it and brilliant we can get such a luxurious looking natural stone paving at this price. I’ll be recommending this blue-black limestone to some friends

  6. Great product but don’t get it installed by a Bradstone Assured Installer. Never met such an unprofessional outfit! Poor workmanship and customer service = dissatisfied customer. Complained to Bradstone but they just told him to relay a few slabs which they provided him for free. Not impressed at all. Expected more from such a reputable brand.


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