Bradstone Old Riven Paving Autumn Cotswold

Bradstone Old Riven Paving Autumn Cotswold
One of the more convincing natural-style manufactured paving slabs with a charming riven texture, Bradstone’s Old Riven design features this flaked surface profiling that formed on natural stone slabs when they are quarried and split. The result is a crisp yet textured surface which both adds character to your garden, while also providing grip. The Autumn Cotswold colour option pictured here is both neutral yet warming.

Bradstone Old Riven is also available as a mixed dimensions patio pack, but the price per square meter rises sharply as opposed to purchasing 600 x 600 mm slabs. Be sure to do some simple calculations if you decide to order any paving to get the cheapest price.

Customer Reviews

Bradstone Old Riven Paving Autumn Cotswold has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5, based on 6 customer reviews.

  1. A great substitute for expensive natural stone paving (which can also be a bugger to maintain). To be honest you’d hardly guess it wasn’t natural and the colour is very nice indeed

  2. Lovely colour with a hint of warmth to the cream. We ordered the patio pack because we liked the arrangements with mixed sizes but i was a bit annoyed to discover afterwards that it would have been cheapest to buy all the same size paving slabs.

  3. To be honest we were after natural stone paving originally but decided to get a sample of some regular paving slabs for comparison and ended up going with this. Cant really work out what the difference is tbh unless someone told you. Stone effects are very convincing

  4. Got a sample of this and a natural stone paving but to be honest we couldn’t really see much difference, except for the price that is. Had it down a few months over this summer its still looking good.


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