Bradstone Blended Natural Sandstone Paving Rustic Buff

Bradstone Blended Natural Sandstone Paving Rustic Buff
Blended natural sandstone is a relatively new paving option from Bradstone which offers a more affordable option for natural stone paving. However despite the cheap price tag, the arrays of colour available in Bradstone’s blended sandstone series are unparalleled, with vibrant yet tasteful palettes including ‘Rustic Buff’, ‘Colonial Brown’, ‘Rustic Grey’ and ‘Imperial Green’.

The blended quality of this sandstone paving actually makes it slightly less dense and easier to work with during the laying process. The savings in money are significant, with this blended natural sandstone paving costing considerably less than most manufactured paving slab varieties. But you can order free samples to decide whether there really are any difference between cheap blended sandstone and Bradstone’s regular sandstone options.

Customer Reviews

Bradstone Blended Natural Sandstone Paving Rustic Buff has an average rating of 4 out of 5, based on 4 customer reviews.

  1. Very good value paving and to be honest I still can’t really work out what blended means? The only difference I can feel between this and the other sandstone samples we looked at are price and name.

  2. Lovely colours in this sandstone paving. Nice blend for our garden and the stone patterns are very good

  3. Brilliant paving, some of the best sandstone flagstones I’ve come across with very pleasant banding. Price is very good considering as well. Would recommend


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