Bradstone Monksbridge Block Paving Royale

Bradstone Monksbridge Block Paving Royale
Many people find block paving a generic driveway covering with plain, uniform bricks that all end up looking the same. Bradstone’s Monksbridge block paving on the other hand has a roughened distressed texture and sizeable gaps between blocks due to intentionally chipped edges. These add to the rustic appeal of the paving, and can even make it look like heritage cobblestones in some respects.

Pictured here is Monksbridge block paving in Bradstone’s ‘Royale’ colour, but there are two further options: ‘Croft’ and ‘Cinder’ which have more neutral pallets. Royale shade could perhaps be described as brindle (red-purple-blue) but has a more rustic shade to it.


Customer Reviews

Bradstone Monksbridge Block Paving Royale has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5, based on 3 customer reviews.

  1. Very satisfactory paving and has a definite rustic style which compliments by rural house most perfectly. Pleased with the Bradstone Monksbridge range and the service we received as customers.

  2. Nice block paving with a bit more character, looks the part at our country property. Scuffed edges look great but the royale colour is a bit like the standard cheap brindle colour really, hoping itll weather with age


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